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玉成醫學翻譯 (TWMT) 進行的醫療和手術設備翻譯文件,範例如下:

Operating, Maintenance and Installation Manuals 操作、維護和安裝手冊
DSUR 研發期間安全性更新報告
Instructions for Use 使用說明
Regulatory Compliance Documents for European Union and Asian countries 歐盟和亞洲國家的合規性文件
Software Application Interfaces and Documentation 軟體應用界面和檔案
Package Inserts and Labels 仿單和標籤
Patents for Medical and Surgical Devices 醫療和手術設備專利
Manufacturing Process Descriptions 製造過程說明
Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSARs) 未預期嚴重藥品不良反應 (SUSAR)

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